Scientific Advisors

Gabriel Agar, MD
Dr. Agar Currently serves as Head of Orthopedics at Assaf Haroffeh Hospital, Israel. He holds a vast experience in the orthopedics management. Dr. Agar served as the President of The Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy Society, Head of The Orthopedic Medical Union. He also has extensive experience in development of innovative orthopedic products such as Prochon and Active Implants. Dr. Agar received his medical degree from the Tel Aviv University. Dr. Agar has released dozens of publications in leading medical journals as author or co-author.

Gabriel Nierenberg, MD 
Dr. Nierenberg currently serves as Head of Arthroscopy and sports traumatology unit at the Rambam health campus Haifa. He has gained his expertise in the field of joint surgery and Arthroscopy from his years professional work as Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery “A” and the Unit for Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy,  “Rambam” Medical Center, Haifa, and as chief resident and resident in this department. Dr. Neirenberg received his medical degree from the Institute for Medicine & Pharmacology, Bucharest, Romania. Dr. Neirenberg has published over a dozen articles in leading medical journals