CartiCure has developed an innovative approach for repairing articular cartilage lesions, through the implantation of cartilage-producing cells, harvested from an animal source: the grwoth center of the lower jaw of new-born mini pigs. This cell population naturally and spontanously produces stable hyaline cartilage – the kind of cartilage that surfaces joints.

The harvested cartilage-producing cells are isolated and cultured for several days under conditions that favor their spontaneous differentiation into chondrocytes, producing Cartimove©: a cartilage membrane made from genuine hyaline cartilage. Cartimove can be transplanted into the damaged area where it continues to grow and differentiate into normal hyaline cartilage, filling the lesion while integrating with the damaged tissue.

Cartimove© offers multiple benefits to patients:

  • Genuine homogeneous hyaline cartilage generation
  • An off-the shelf product, identical for all patients
  • Easy to use, requires a single procedure
  • Significantly reduces rehabilitation time

Six months post Cartimove© transplantation